Who do you serve?
We serve multi-unit commercial properties and help our customers save on programming costs and provide a superior channel line-up. We provide what’s known as bulk programming to:

• Lodging – Hotels / Motels
• Healthcare – Assisted Living Facilities / Hospitals
• Public Viewing – Bar, Lounges, Restaurants
• Business Viewing – Banks, Retail Stores, Fitness Clubs, Supermarkets, and Waiting Rooms
• Private Viewing – Conference Rooms, Offices, and Employee Break Rooms


Do you provide high definition programming?
Yes. DIRECTV® carries the most High Definition Programming.

What is the equipment cost to up-grade to HD programming?
Using the Hotel Premier Program from DIRECTV®, the system could be paid for by DIRECTV provided you meet minimum subscription requirements. Call us for details.

Do you provide premium movie channels from HBO or Showtime?
Yes. We offer commercial free premium movie services from HBO, Showtime and Starz Encore. With one subscription price, you can get multiple channels of each of the premium service and there may be valuable launch incentives available for your commercial property. Please contact us today for current offers.

Can I get my local channels?
Yes. We can provide local channels in 98% of U.S. markets via satellite reception equipment.  By providing your property’s ZIP code, we can tell you which local channels. 

Doesn’t satellite TV go out every time it rains?
No. We use only commercial grade equipment after surveying the ideal location for your dish. And DIRECTV delivers 99.9% worry-free signal reliability that cable can’t beat. 

Can I add or change channels later?
Yes. We tailor the channel line-up that fits your property’s needs. You always have the ability to add to, delete from, or modify your channel offering. 

How do I get service and support?
Total Satellite Systems will survey, install, and maintain your system using our local, certified, technicians. We provide a 24/7 toll-free number to answer any questions and ensure your system remains trouble free.